Cash surrender value (CSV) line of credit

Permanent life insurance can be a powerful tool in your financial security portfolio because of its unique structure. You purchase life insurance because it provides an immediate estate enhancement and can help provide financial assistance to your beneficiaries. Permanent life insurance can also accumulate cash value. While the cash value grows inside the policy, you’re not subject to tax on this growth (within certain legislative limits). This growth can be used to provide a source of retirement income, finance personal or business opportunities or deal with unforeseen financial emergencies.

The CSV line of credit allows you to use the cash surrender value accumulated in your personally-owned or corporately-owned permanent life insurance policy issued by London Life as collateral to secure a personal line of credit1 with Solutions Banking™. This can provide you with a lump-sum of money or it could be used to produce a cash flow during your lifetime or during retirement, while maintaining a death benefit that is payable at your death.

Learn more about the CSV line of credit
Contact a financial security advisor to find out if the CSV line of credit is right for you. Or, if you’re already a Solutions Banking client, go to the Client Services section to find out more.

1 Line of credit is subject to credit approval by National Bank.

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