COVID-19 changed your post-secondary plans? Ways to modify your education budget

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The benefits of taking vacation - Why it's important to take it now

August 20, 2020

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I have a retirement goal and want to know how much I should contribute

Working with an advisor

Find out how you can work with your financial security advisor to create a customized retirement income plan to suit your needs using HelloLife.

Plan for every stage of life

Narrator: We all need a solid financial plan.

Description: Two hands holding a map move into frame.

Narrator: And the earlier you start, the better off you’ll be later in life.

Description: The hands slide the map into a satchel bag.

Narrator: Canadians who work with an advisor for at least 15 years build up almost four times more wealth.

Description: Cut to a young woman holding satchel. Text “4 times more money*” appears above her. Reference appears below: “Advice Creates Strong Value for Canadians, Advisor Insights, May 2017.”

Narrator: That can help them better prepare for life’s unexpected bumps.

Description: The ground starts to shake. She keeps her balance.

Narrator: Backed by a team of experts...

Description: Camera pans up, four hands come together.

Narrator: our advisors will help you see the big picture, through four key building blocks:

Description: Each hand opens to place a block in the middle of the frame.

Narrator: cash flow, income protection, retirement and estate planning.

Description: Each block is labelled counterclockwise: “Cash flow,” “Income

RRSPs are more than just about retirement

From borrowing money for a down payment to furthering your education, do more with an RRSP.

Freedom 55 Financial advisors are with you every step of the way.

Not only will they guide you through the financial security planning process, they’ll help you understand your options so you can make smart choices.

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