Spring savings: 10 tips for seasonal home maintenance

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Easy tasks you can do around the house to prepare your home for summer—and prevent any surprises to your home budget!

Spring is here...finally! But before you put on a short-sleeved t-shirt to admire the sight of green grass and blooming perennials, consider the warmer weather a chance to give your home more than a cosmetic spring cleaning – give it TLC, maintenance-style.

Seasonal home maintenance is necessary, but it doesn’t need to be costly. With this simple, (mostly) DIY spring home maintenance checklist, you can proactively help your home and your wallet.


  1. Dehumidify your basement

  2. If your summer climate is humid, invest in a strong dehumidifier to help prevent mold and mildew from growing in your basement. Depending on the model, the tray may need to be emptied or you can simply connect the output hose to your drain.

  3. Air it out

  4. While it may seem simple, a $20 clothesline allows you to take advantage of Mother Nature’s gift of warmth—and you can save big on your energy bills!

  5. Continue the cycle

  6. If you’re not already composting your organic waste, many municipalities offer special deals on compost bins in the spring. This is a win for your environmental footprint and your waste-collection fees!

  7. Scoop it out

  8. Borrow a ladder and clean out your eavestrough, which will likely have a winter collection of leaves and debris. Simply scoop this out and place it in your newly purchased compost bin. This cleaning prevents an overflowing eavestrough, which could cause erosion to your lawn and unsightly mud splatters on your home.

  9. Seal it up

  10. Now that the snow has melted, check exterior caulking and sealing around windows and doors. This caulking can dry out over time, which allows rainwater to seep in. The good news is a quick trip to the hardware store can have you re-applying exterior caulking to keep your home dry. Don’t forget to check your local weather forecast before applying new caulking; many types of sealants require three days without rain to dry.

  11. Eyes wide open

  12. While you’re checking out the caulking, do a visual inspection on the exterior of your home. Winter weather can hide issues that become visible in spring, so check for peeling or worn roof shingles. Look for holes or cracks in bricks, siding or stucco, which may signal the need for repair. Scan fences and decks for loose boards or peeling paint. Clean lint from the outside dryer vent to prevent a build-up which could be a fire hazard.

  13. Filter this

  14. Many stores sell furnace filters in bulk during spring sales. How often you need to change the filter depends on your health and lifestyle: the more allergies and the more pets you have, the more frequently you’ll need to change the filter.

  15. Be cool

  16. While you’d need to call a professional, doing a preventative check on your air conditioner as part of your overall spring home maintenance checklist means you can proactively budget to replace or repair your a/c system. This can prevent both the physical and financial discomfort of an a/c malfunction during a hot long weekend when premiums for service calls rise.

  17. Know your limits

  18. While DIY is great for your sense of accomplishment and your bank account, it’s important to know when to call a professional for help. It’s a good idea to call more than one company for service quotes and ask about warranties. If you have friends or neighbours who are professional tradespeople or avid DIYers, barter their services in exchange for you helping them with your own skills. If you decide to go beyond maintenance and into renovations, consult these helpful hints.

  19. Befriend your neighbours

  20. Not only does this make good life sense, but it’s great home sense, too! Your neighbours can keep an eye out for suspicious activity at your home while you’re at concerts or cottages this summer. Many insurance policies require homes to be inhabited or have someone checking in if the homeowners are away for a longer duration. A neighbour can do a quick walk-through every few days to alert you of any water or weather damage that could be costly to fix when you return.

With this simple, (mostly) D-I-Y spring savings list, you can proactively help your home and your wallet.
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Whether you’re considering selling your home or just want to clear out the winter dust, the change in seasons is the perfect time to give your home a little TLC.


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