Working with an advisor

Smart advice. Simple explanations

Financial security advisors are expert communicators – they’re highly skilled at explaining your financial choices without using financial jargon, so you understand how to take control of your financial security planning. Our advisors build long-term relationships with clients, working hard to help you understand the products and services you’re exploring.

We believe advisors should have the knowledge to offer clients the products that meet their needs, not just the products they’re familiar with. Our financial security planning process and integrated technology help advisors identify roadblocks and illustrate how a well-balanced plan can help you achieve your goals.

Questions to ask your Freedom 55 Financial security advisor

  • Will my financial security plan offer me financial freedom and choice throughout my life?
  • How do your recommendations fit into my long-term plan?
  • How often should I review my entire financial security plan and make adjustments to fit my current life stage?
  • What other products and services do you offer?

A little help from your friends

Every household does their financial security planning a little differently, but all Canadians can benefit from some outside advice. Recent studies have shown that Canadians who work with an advisor have, on average, four times more investable assets that those without and advisor.* *The Investment Funds Institute of Canada, The Value of Advice: Report, Nov. 2011

Canadians benefit from working with a financial security advisor

Our financial security advisors build long-term relationships with clients. An advisor takes the time to not only understand a client’s current financial obligations, but their future needs as well.

Following a planning process allows clients to better envision how they want to live their future, along with their current situation and short-term goals. A financial security plan is about you, your family, or your business and the future you want to create. The earlier you start a structured financial security plan the better off you’ll be, but everyone, regardless of age or stage in life, will benefit from the planning process.

We believe consumers need to understand their options and obtain advice in order to make wise decisions and achieve their financial goals. Research has shown us that consumers who use an advisor have created about a third more retirement income than those who’ve made decisions without obtaining advice (Morningstar, September 2012).


Plan for freedom today

Freedom 55 Financial security advisors are with you every step of the way. Not only will they guide you through the financial security planning process by focusing on your personal needs and goals, they’ll help you understand your options so you can make smart choices. And as your needs change, your financial security plan can change, too. That’s true financial freedom.

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