Team Freedom

Welcome two new members to Team Freedom

Team Freedom is growing. Freedom 55 Financial is proud to announce the addition of Tour professional golfer, Corey Conners, and para-nordic skier, Brittany Hudak, to its Team Freedom roster.

From Listowel, Ont., Corey’s career kicked off when he placed 2nd in the 2014 U.S. Amateur Championship. His finish gave him the opportunity to participate in the 2015 Masters Tournament as the highest-placing amateur in the field. Corey now plays on the Tour. He’s off to a great start, currently sitting 19th on the Tour’s Money List.

Brittany is para-nordic skier from Prince Albert, Sask. At the age of 18, she realized her future in para-nordic skiing when she was introduced to the sport by fellow cross-country skier and Paralympian medalist, Collette Bourgonje. She would go on to find immediate success competitively leading to her ascension in the sport. She continues to sharpen her skills and train relentlessly to reach her goal of reaching the Paralympic podium in 2018.

These two athletes have shown immense potential in their respective sports. But more importantly, they’ve demonstrated drive and determination.

Learn more about Corey, Brittany and other Team Freedom athletes.


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