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There are few places in Canada that skiers enjoy more than Blue Mountain in Collingwood, Ont. Add in an opportunity to support a great cause while skiing in a beautiful location, and Michael Brewitt says 24h BLUE MTN is a can’t-miss event

The Freedom 55 Financial advisor, who skied at the event last year, can’t stop raving about the experience.

“It was the first time Blue Mountain had ever been open 24 hours and I was sitting on the hill at 4 in the morning and I just took a break”, Brewitt said. “I just sat there and looked at all the lights and there was nobody on the hill except myself. It was just a special moment in time for me, that’s for sure.”

The event sees teams participate in a skiing, snowboarding, running or walking relay that runs 24 hours, with proceeds from donations going to Special Olympics Ontario and Collingwood General and Marine Hospital Foundation.

Brewitt participates in a number of charity events throughout the year, like the Freedom Ride to End MS, rappelling for Big Brothers and Sisters, a Meals on Wheels motorcycle event, among others. He says, though, 24h BLUE MTN stands out for him because of the skiing aspect and its support of Special Olympics Ontario.

“Well I’m generally charity minded, so I’ve participated in a lot of events like this,” Brewitt said. “But I’ll be honest with you, I’m a skier, and the thought of being able to ski down Blue Mountain for 24 hours was quite appealing and when I found out it was for the Special Olympics it was just an extra, added bonus.”

While 24h BLUE MTN is a fun event, Brewitt notes it is also great for those looking for a challenge. Skiing, snowboarding, walking, or running for 24 hours, even in a team setting, can be very taxing.

“You would have to love skiing, love the outdoors, and love a challenge as well,” he says. “This is challenging. It’s not an easy event by any means. You’re not going to get a solid’s night sleep that night that’s for sure.”

The event is just getting started, with the second year of 24h BLUE MTN taking place February 23rd and 24th. It’s patterned after 24h Tremblant, a similar event that recently completed it’s 18th year at Mont Tremblant. Brewitt sees an opportunity for 24h BLUE MTN to follow in the footsteps of 24h Tremblant and continue to get bigger every year.

“I definitely do,” he said. “I’m going to attend as long as it exists. You’re probably going to see a big surge in numbers from last year to this year and I think as the word gets out, I see it definitely for the long-term.”

For now, 24h BLUE MTN is somewhere where participants can create lifelong memories and experiences they will never forget. Brewitt can still remember his time there vividly, nearly a year later.

“Going up the chairlift and down the hill all by myself in the middle of night is what sticks in my mind the most. It was quite a cool experience.”

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