Skier’s last-minute decision turns into memorable 24h Blue Mtn experience

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Most people return home from a trip a little rundown and ready to put their feet up, but Tommy Lam had a different idea.

After returning to Toronto last February, Lam, an avid skier, decided to head up north to the slopes right away to participate in 24h Blue Mtn.

The event isn’t just a casual day of skiing, as teams register to ski, snowboard, walk, or run for 24 hours straight to raise money for charity.

Lam hustled up to Blue Mountain hoping he’d make it in time to join the fun.

“It was very last minute for me,” Lam said. “I didn’t know whether I was going to be put on a team or if they’d accept me if I went in alone.”

Although Lam made it to Collingwood just after the event started, organizers still let him participate as an individual. From there, he completed a whopping 104 ski runs and had an experience he’ll never forget.

As much fun as he had skiing down the mountain, one of Lam’s biggest takeaways was how passionate everyone was at 24h Blue Mtn.

“What I most enjoy is seeing the comradery of everyone coming together for the sport that I love, and I can see the passion in everybody’s eyes for this cause of the Special Olympics,” he said.

In addition to Special Olympics Ontario, 24h Blue Mtn also supports the Collingwood General and Marine Hospital Foundation. Lam noted the event creates the perfect blend of bringing tourism into Collingwood that also gives back to the community.

Even though he really enjoys skiing, and as important as the causes are to Lam, he has another reason to return to 24h Blue Mtn. Lam was born in China and fell in love with skiing when he came to Canada at the age of 4, he now hopes more of the Asian community will do the same.

“My goal is to get more people to come out,” Lam said. “I would like to see another group of people slowly graduate through their skiing ability into what mountain life is during the winter time.”

Lam added that he wants to set an example and help people feel more comfortable working their way up to the harder slopes.

At the end of the day, Lam is most looking forward to his second 24h Blue Mtn experience because he knows it will be a blast.

“It’s an amazing event,” Lam said. “Nothing to complain about. Everyone does a great job for this charity fundraiser and they allow us to have this much fun.”

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