Seven-time participant shares passion, motivation for 24h Tremblant

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The 24h Tremblant weekend is full of fun that helps raise money for children’s charities, but for Éric Tremblay, it’s also personal.

The financial advisor for Coaching Financier Trek, a part of the Freedom 55 Financial family, lost his nephew to cancer in 2016 and participates in the event to raise awareness for the cause.

“About seven years ago actually my nephew Xavier was diagnosed with severe cancer and when we got the news, it was of course terrible news, we felt like we needed to do something so we mobilized ourselves with family and friends, and we joined 24h Tremblant as participants,” Tremblay said.

Tremblay, who also serves on the executive committee for 24h Tremblant, will be participating for the 7th time. The event, that runs from Dec. 7-9, sees people ski, walk, or run for 24 hours to raise money for the Fondation Charles-Bruneau, the Ottawa Senators Foundation, and Fondation Tremblant.

“I’ve done actually the three events. Skiing the first three years and for the last four years I’ve been doing both running and walking. I’m getting old I guess because now I’m walking, but I’m still walking,” he says with a chuckle.

Even if Tremblay may be slowing down a bit on the course, his passion for the event certainly is not. He remains motivated to help families that are going through the same thing his did.

“We know it makes a difference,” Tremblay said. “At the end of the day our motivation is always to make a difference in society and make sure that the money that we raise goes toward research and can save some children that perhaps many years ago would have been diagnosed with a cancer that unfortunately can’t be cured.”

Tremblay adds that he sees the impact fundraising for cancer research is making, because several cancers that couldn’t be cured in the past now can be.

As serious as he is about raising money, Tremblay also notes how much fun the experience is at Tremblant and encourages others to take part.

“That’s what actually is very compelling, is that the 24h Tremblant is a very fun event,” he says.

“People get mobilized around this great cause and they’re having a great time just enjoying the beautiful outdoors of Mt. Tremblant and knowing what they’re doing is actually making a difference. Once you join the ranks of 24h Tremblant and you participate it’s very difficult to not pursue the following year.”

Tremblay sees a future where participants’ efforts at Tremblant help save lives, and that’s what keeps him coming back every year.

“Knowing that you can make a difference by awareness but also by raising some money that can go towards research and saving lives. To me this is the biggest motivation and this is where I realized that maybe my nephew, Xavier, in 10 years from now, or depending on the form of cancer he would have been diagnosed with, he could have survived. Knowing that we can save other little Xavier’s, to me, makes a hell of a difference.”

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