Exploring the Beauty of Canada

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Brittany Hudak - Get out and explore

I pretty much live and breathe the outdoors. Occasionally there’s downtime indoors, but I’m always looking for a new trail to hike or a new park to checkout. The outdoors fixes everything; it’s the best medicine I can recommend.

I have such a deep passion and appreciation for nature and I’m constantly chasing the perfect view. It keeps me motivated to snag the perfect Instagram opportunity. I often find myself out for some rather long adventures because the view when I get there is just too hard to leave without fully taking it in.

I have a personal goal to explore as much of Canada as I can but it’s such a big country that I find it hard to pick just one place I’d love to visit. On immediate priorities, I’d love to do a roadtrip around B.C. because it’s such a beautiful province and there are so many interesting places to explore.

My close friend, Brandi, is my go-to person to bring on any adventure. We both have a case of the, 'yes man' so whenever we’re trying to decide where to go, we end up doing it all. I know if I'm with her there is bound to be an adventure. We have been friends since grade nine and have similar personalities. We know we can count on each other and both have open minds that lead us on all sorts of fun adventures.

Growing up in Saskatchewan, there was a lot to do but I was never able to hike a mountain. Now as a Canmore resident, it brings me so much joy and satisfaction to explore some of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and to call it my backyard. My curiosity fuels a lot of my adventures as I feel that there is so much to explore in the Canadian Rockies. If there is something new to see, I won't stop until I've seen it. I feel truly blessed to live in the mountains and spend so much time outside.

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