The connection between music and snowboarding

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Max Parrot - What's on my playlist?

For me, music is life. From my childhood (I played piano and guitar as a kid) until now, I use music as a way to relax, have fun, get into the zone, and to think of new tricks and routines out on the mountain. It always keeps me dreaming and looking forward. When I was younger, I would take an hour bus ride to get to school and on the drive, I would put my headphones on. That’s where I’d come up with my best ideas and dreams for the future.

I like to use music as a way to escape my thoughts and just relax, especially before a competition. I perform better when I'm loose and music helps me get into that zone. I like so many different genres of music because the style I listen to is so dependent on my mood. My pre-competition playlist always has something with a crazy beat and is uplifting, so lots of EDM (electric dance music) and hip-hop. If it’s a beautiful day outside, it’s EDM, but if I had a horrible run and I’m angry, I’m going for some Drake. My go-to artists right now are Ellie Goulding, Young Jeezy, Naked & Famous, Sander van Doorn, Drake and Jay-Z.

I’ve been to awesome music festivals, including Osheaga in Montreal, which have all been an awesome time. Best way to see the artists you love and have an amazing experience. However, I’ve never been to a festival outside of Quebec, so the music festival on my bucket list is absolutely Ultra Music Festival in Miami. It looks like the most incredible show. One day, for sure.

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